What is Yoga?

Yoga is a small four letter word that encompasses so much! Yoga with a big Y really means much more than exercising just the physical body. If one is open to change and growth, the mind, body and spirit are going to reap the benefits!

Yes, yoga is exercise. Yoga is deep breathing, inhale & exhale, yoga is moving the body into beautiful shapes, it is flow. Yoga is the balance between effort and ease. It is calming the mind and stirring the soul. Yoga is an inquiry, an unearthing, a process, an endless experiment.  Yoga is an interesting journey of exploration, not always knowing what will be next.  It is being curious, forgiving and compassionate.  It is wisdom and grace and freedom.  It is trusting the intelligence within and all around.  It is love, devotion and openness to infinite possibilities. Yoga is discovering all that is real and true.  Yoga is community, uplifting and inspiring one another.

Yes, Yoga is an exercise… of truly and passionately embracing life as you uncover the true essence of who you are!

I’m here to share what I’ve learned, support you on your journey and teach you the practices that will help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, weighing you down, preventing you from a good night’s sleep and perhaps causing illness, anxiety, depression or pain. 

Let’s get together and try some Yoga!

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